Advantek White Picket Fence Hutch for Two or Three Bunnies

Advantek introduces their 'White Picket Fence Hutch' which is another product of their own that can house two or three bunnies. Just like the other previous Advantek products that I previously discussed, its easy to be assembled. The materials used are also lightweight which allows you to move the hutch around at any desired location or position. Apart from being a lightweight material, its also insect and rot resistant Fir Lumber.

Features of Advantek White Picket Rabbit Hutch

  • Made of lightweight materials
  • Insect and rot resitant Fir Lumber
  • Includes a hinged roof on house for easy clean up
  • Includes a hinged roof on courtyard for easy access
  • Good for two or three rabbits

  • Reviews for Advantek White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch

    'Great Rabbit Hutch Product' - Steven Stolberg

    When I bought this product and it arrived, I'm so eager to setup it. Its was really very easy to put it together that it took me just a matter of minutes. After setting it up, the product actually does what has been exactly described on the description. One feature that I like most about this rabbit hutch is its pull-out-tray which makes the cleaning process an easy task.

    'Wonderful Rabbit Hutch Design' - Debora Kuayum

    The reason why I bought this rabbit hutch by Advantek was that it has the same color as my house. I know that this shouldn't be a good criteria for buying a good hutch but I don't care because I've got the skill to modify it. However, I find it that there's no need for any modification because it already does everything that I expected for a good rabbit hutch.

    'Nice Hutch for a Cheap Price' - George Formont

    I love the design of this rabbit hutch which is very cute and of course its flexibility wherein you can pull-off its roof for easy cleaning as well as its courtyard for easy access. Other than that, its also pretty easy to be assembled.

    For more information about Advantek White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch, visit this link