Extra Large Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat

Living World introduces their extra large 'Deluxe Pet Habitat' which offers almost everything you need for housing your pet safely. This cage is perfectly suitable for pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and chinchillas. What makes this hybrid cage good for your pet is that it consists of an upper wire-frame and plastic bottom base that offers a well ventilated and comfortable place for your small pets.

The wire cage comes with wonderful design which has an arcing red wire at the top and white wires on the sides. For easy access, the wire at the top is composed of two separate parts. And for additional accessibility, you can also use the wire door.

As for the inside part, this cage has a balcony with access ramp along with a tip-proof food dish that has been well secured into the floor. Under the balcony is a hideaway space, this offers your small pet a quiet and secure place as hideouts.

Other accessories are the drip-proof water bottle and the hay guard. Both of them are located outside the cage to save more interior space and for easy maintenance access. And finally, this cage can be assembled in just a matter of minutes where you don't even need any tools.

Features of Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat

  • Hybrid cage with upper wire frame and plastic bottom base
  • Offers a safe and well ventilated comfortable place
  • A balcony with an access ramp
  • Tip-proof food dish
  • Drip-proof water bottle
  • Dimension: 46-8/9 Inch length x 22-4/5 Inch width x 24 Inch height
  • Weight: 19 pounds

  • Reviews for Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat

    'It's Huge Which Offers Enough Room' - Snicher Pistcostal

    This cage is huge wherein my bunny loved it so much. Another feature that I like about this product was that it came with some feeding accessories which I find it pretty convenient. Overall, there's really enough room that even a standard size rabbit will surely enjoy staying in.

    'Great X-Large Cage at a Very Affordable Price' - Senayda Orlando

    This x-large size cage has the size and specifications that I have been looking for a long time. Well, it arrived on time with good packaging and I'm so eager to set it up. When I was done, I immediately put my two rabbits inside the cage and they feel comfortable to live in it. Other than the space it came with a water bowl, food bowl and a hay compartment.

    'More Room for my Bunny' - Heath Slater

    It was already a few months ago when I bought his cage for my bunny wherein he is loving it. My pet actually had a smaller room which was from his last old cage. In my own opinion, I think that the best feature of this product is the little secret hide-out. Other than that, my bunny loves to jump and flip around.

    For more information about Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat, visit this link http://amzn.to/1bcVKik