Vitacraft Rabbit Alfalfa Slims - The Perfect Snack for your Pet

In the previous post, I have introduced to you Vitakraft's 'Rabbit Carrot Slims' which is a good treat product for rabbit pets. On this post, I would like to introduce the same kind of product but this time it's made of different ingredients. It's called the 'Rabbit Alfalfa Slims' which is actually made from all natural fresh harvest of grains and alfalfa. What makes it perfectly suitable for rabbits is it's deliciously light and easy to be digested. Overall, it's an ideal snack for rabbit pets.

Features of Vitakraft Rabbit Alfalfa Slims

  • Made from natural harvest fresh grains and alfalfa
  • Perfect snack for rabbits
  • Delicious, light and easy to be digested

  • Reviews for Vitakraft Rabbit Alfalfa Slims

    'My Bunnies Love this Treat' - Michelle Embernate

    All of my bunnies just can't get enough with these alfalfa slims. It may really be too deliciously tasty for them the reason why they keep on begging for more. What I actually often notice is that when I give a piece to each of my bunnies, they will grab it out of my fingers taking it away at the opposite of their cage to keep it for their selves. Moreover, this product comes with a cheap price the reason why I purchased for more.

    'Bunny on My Lap' - Popilon Diaz

    We own one small rabbit pet and we keep him inside the house as a family pet. He really loves to run around and have fun with his toys. Sometimes, I would like to grab him for a hug and hold him on my arms but it often takes only a few minutes. Our pet will suddenly struggle out wanting to go back playing with his toys. I'm glad that I came across this alfalfa slim in which our pet cannot resist. The moment that I am about to attract him with this treat, our pet goes right into my lap and spend most of his time chewing and eating his delicious snack.

    'One or Two Alfalfa Slims Each Day' - Emelia Colares

    My bunny is very energetic that he loves running around inside our house. The funniest part is that he even knows where I'm hiding his bag of alfalfa slim snack. When I'm simply near or walking closely towards the storage of his snack, my rabbit will suddenly come running towards or behind me. He always expects that I'll be giving him his favorite snack whenever I'll go near the storage of his snack. Anyway, I always give my rabbit pet one or two pieces of alfalfa slims for his snack each day.

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