Simple Rectangular Rabbit Hutch Design

This is a very simple rectangular rabbit hutch design which features an open top, sides and front panel covered by wire mesh. With such an open or ventilated rabbit hutch design, it ensures that your pet always breath the fresh air around its surrounding providing the best comfort for your pet to relax.

Feeding or taking your pet out is done by pulling the bottom edge of the hutch front cover. If you want to the door to remain open, take a long rod then stuck it on either side of the door's one end corner.

Let's proceed on the step-by-step procedure on how to build this simple rectangular rabbit hutch:

1. Build the bottom frame

- It is important that you have to build the bottom frame first. And, you have to make sure that the materials that you are going to use are sturdy enough to provide support for the rabbit hutch that you are going to build because this is the main foundational support.

Improper way of building the bottom frame of the hutch causes it to wiggle.

2. Build the vertical support

- Without somebody to lend a hand, I usually build the vertical support after the bottom frame. There are 5 of these vertical supports wherein I find it best to nail them by flipping the bottom frame up.

3. Build the top frame

- The top frame do have exact similar size as the bottom frame. With the vertical support already in place, you can carefully put it on their top then nail it.

4. Top and both sides wire mesh

- You can now place the wire mesh on the top and both sizes. To prevent the edges of the wire mesh protruding out, I do usually frame them.

5. Front door

- Create a frame of wire mesh that will serve as the front of the nearly completed rectangular hutch.

And finally, attach the hinges and the locks.

Here's how the completed simple rectangular rabbit hutch should look-like: