Indoor and Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Cover Design Plans

Your cover design plan for either Indoor or Outdoor Rabbit Hutch depends on the three following aspects;

1. Size of the Rabbit Hutch
2. Location
3. Budget

Let’s have a thorough discussion on each of these three aspects to have a better understanding before you even try to start sketching your own design. For complete beginners, you may want to read the introductory part on how to build a rabbit hutch.

Size of the Rabbit Hutch

Grab a measuring tool and go to the spot where you are planning to setup your Rabbit Hutch. Measure an estimated Length, Width and Height of your Rabbit Hutch but if you are not sure about your measurement then providing an allowance is advised. Having an excess measurement is better than having lesser sizes because you have chances to cut and re-size your construction materials to fit them into their intended purposes.

As for the height, it is recommended that you should make them tall or at the level that is not too close to the ground. Why?

When your design is too close to the ground, it requires excessive period of bending particularly when trying to clean the hutch. Another similar disadvantage is when taking your pet in and out of the cage. Apart from the bending problem is when you are living at a place affected by winter season, cages that are designed with a bottom near the ground can be unhealthy for your pets.

Now, a plan for the covering design depends whether your rabbit hutch is to be an indoor or outdoor type of cage. For indoor types, proper coverings should be focused on the walls. Actually, some designs are completely made out of wire or steel mesh.

Cover Design Plans is a challenge when it comes to building outdoor hutches since the main purpose is the security of your pet. If you are at the part of the country that often experience rainy days then you should make a roof-top design wide enough to protect the cage from getting wet or at least prevent your pet from getting wet.

Other than the roof-top, you should make a room that is entirely covered for them to huddle. This will also allow your pets to hide themselves from the predators providing them the ease of being safe and unreachable from their hutch.


If you are trying to design a rabbit hutch for indoor purposes or at a location that is already well-covered with a roof-top then you may just simply replace all covering materials with a wire-mesh for your pet to have a better exposure. For outdoor cages, the best place for setup should be on flat areas.

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Cost or Budget

Reducing the cost on building a rabbit hutch can be done by using recycled materials. Always try to search for recycled materials that can be used as substitute before you intend to buy them from the shop.

eBay Rabbit Hutch for Sale

The biggest online market today that caters into a wide range of product is eBay. Browsing all their available products that sells well-made rabbit hutches leads you with an endless option of what to choose. However, the cost of buying a well-made rabbit hutch comes with an expensive cost even when they say that their price is cheap but the cost of shipping will burn your pocket.

Anyway, if you do have the money or you just don’t have the skill or time to make your own cage for your pet then buying it is your only choice.

The 3 type of rabbit hutch products for sale on the market;

1. Cages made out of Plastic Materials
2. Built with woods and wire-mesh
3. Steel Cage

Most importantly, you always have to consider the size which depends on the number of pets that you have. Of course, you may buy the small size if you only have just one rabbit but for more than two it is best suggested that you have to buy the largest size that you can afford.

Free DIY Rabbit Hutch Blueprints

If you’ve got at least some basic construction skill and you do have some time to spend at making your own pet-cage but you do not have any idea on how to start then you are at the right place. This site offers you several DIY (Do-it-yourself) design or blueprints that are easy to follow wherein it is the only method of having a free rabbit hutch of your own.

You can checkout the Blueprints/Design available at the right side-bar of this blog.