Safety Bunny Tips Inside your Home

This topic only concerns those owners who intend to take-care their bunny or bunnies inside their home. What we are going to discuss on this post are important Safety Tips that needs to be done in order to avoid any accident.

You have to know that rabbits do love and enjoy chewing almost anything. Thus, if you let your rabbit free to roam around the corner of your house then they might end up chewing those high-voltage wires. Other than the wires are objects that can be easily penetrated by their unquenchable chewing teeth.

There are actually some reports from previous bunny owners that their pet got accidentally electrocuted and died. Some are lucky enough to survive but they suffered severe mouth burns. So what exactly do you have to do in order to avoid them from trying to chew on those electrical cords of wires?

Exposed Cable Wires

You can buy the Grannicks Bitter Apple from any pet shop which is a type of product used to rub on objects that needs to be protected from the rabbit’s unstoppable teeth. Basing from the name of this product, you can tell that it has an apple flavoring but with a bitter taste which the rabbits dislikes. As an added protection, you may place plastic tubing or rubber covering on those exposed electrical wires.

Other than those wire coverings and products that can be used as protection are their foods. Since these animals just can’t stop themselves from chewing, you have to make sure that you have enough supply of foods that you can feed on them at all times.

Your Rabbit’s own Room

Rather than just letting your pet freely roam around your house, it is best suggested that you are to give them their own room which is in the form of a rabbit hutch. It’s actually another method of keeping them safe especially when the time that you cannot look after them.

If you've got the skill to build your very own rabbit hutch then you have just avoided the expensive cost of buying one. For those who doesn't have the skill but are willing to learn how to do it then this blog might be able to help you. Simply keep browsing and read the contents that are being shared and discussed. You may also want to visit YouTube to find some actual video clips on how others make their own cages.

The proper method on how to maintain your rabbit hutch has been already discussed on the previous post.