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On this blog about ‘How to build a Rabbit Hutch’, you will find ads that offer various products and services that you might be interested to purchase or subscribe. Please be aware that these ads are owned by third party companies wherein they may collect data from your computer for the purpose of determining your field of interest. For more information about this subject, please refer to Google’s Advertising and Privacy page.

Privacy Policy 

As the Owner/Author of ‘’, it is my full duty and responsibility to protect your privacy by the time that you have accessed any of the contents of this blog. Thus, I have to inform you on how I collect data from your visits which are the following;

1. StatCounter

Almost every webmaster knows about StatCounter as a free tool which can be used by anyone to track the number of visits generated from their sites. This simple tool is already setup on this blog wherein it has the capability of storing these following data: Internet Protocol (IP), Type of Browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Referring Site, Exit and Entry Page, Date and Time, User’s Activity, Demographic Location and other more data that are to be added as the tool gets updated.

2. Auto Generated Cookies

As already mentioned on the first paragraph of this page, third parties generating ads on this blog may or may not collect data from your visit. This is done through the use of cookies which are automatically generated by your OS storing them on a temporary folder. If you are simply curious, you can browse your way through the temporary folder from the system files and you will be able to find the cookies. These are actually small files which can be opened with a Note Pad but the information contained are most likely encrypted.

Decoding the encrypted information of a certain cookie file is impossible which can only be done by the owner or the company responsible for generating it on your own computer. Thus, it’s best to contact them to learn more about their cookies as I know nothing about those encrypted files.

3. External Links

There are two types of links that you will encounter as you browse the content of this blog which are the Internal and External Links. Internal Links are sub-pages that are covered by the main-domain of this blog wherein my Privacy Policy still applies. External Links are other related sites with different domains. Take note that these sites are no longer covered by the Privacy Policy of this blog since they have their own set of Privacy Policy which can be different from what’s stated here. 

4. Advertising Companies

Most webmasters do take the advantage of earning a few cash through promoting advertisement on their site/blog and I’m one among them. Currently, ‘How to build a Rabbit Hutch’ is being monetized through an affiliate partner called Google Adsense.

If you do have any questions regarding about the Privacy Policy of this blog then you are always free to send them into this email:

Last Update was on December 2012.