Making your Bunny Happy

To make your bunny happy is the best and most exciting experience of having them as a pet. Many bunny owners claim that when you are happy then same goes to your pet.

So how do you make you bunny happy?

The first thing that you have to know is to determine if you bunny is happy. Its easy to tell because your bunny shows it all through body language. The most common action that they does when they are happy is to flop on their side then lie there with their eyes closed. First time bunny owners might find it weird and worried thinking that there is something wrong with their pet. Actually, there is nothing to worry about since your pet is just trying to tell you that its happy.

Another sign that your bunny is extremely happy is when it perform the so called 'binky dance'. This is a term that describe a crazy happy dance of a bunny. It will hop into the air then twirl or spin around and perhaps start running around at its top speed. Seeing your bunny perform such act will surely bring you so much joy from your pet.

How do you keep your bunny always happy?

To keep your bunny on its happy mood, you need to provide its chewing needs. You have to know that bunnies cannot refrain themselves from chewing which is an important part of making them happy. You don't have to provide them edible rabbit foods because they simply love and enjoy tearing things apart especially papers and woods. Thus, if you have an old Newspaper or Phonebooks then your pet will surely love to shred it into pieces.

According to some bunny owners, toilet paper and paper towels are also perfect and safe for the bunnies to chew as their toy. To make it a lot more interesting, you take a hay or green leaves then stuff it inside a roll of paper. This gives them the reward of finding a food inside.

Another object that you can use to entertain your bunnies are the use of boxes and paper bags. What you have to do is to fill the paper bag with rabbit food (such food pellets, hay, green leaves and vegetables) then put it down on the floor for your bunny to dig and crawl. Your pet will surprise you that it will enjoy itself playing with the bag.

As for the box, you have to create several doorways and windows by cutting it off from the box. At least make two entrances. Just like the paper bag above, place some food inside the box them put it down on the floor. You bunny will attempt to go inside the box but if it fails since it could not fit through the doorways that you made, it will chew on it to make it bigger. Soon your bunny will get used into the box running in and out of it.

Happy Rabbit

There are endless ways on how to make your bunny happy by simply providing them something to play and enjoy. All that it takes is to use your imagination and creativity.

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