Temporary Transport Pet Cages

When you enjoy outdoor activities and you always wanted to take your rabbit pets along with you then you will be needing transport cages. Without a transport cage, it is quite impossible to take along with you your pets but not if they are well trained to behave. Unfortunately, most rabbits are not trained to behave wherein they might end up fighting with one another.

On this post, we are going to discuss how you can build your own simple transport cages. It's actually easy which only requires a few materials and some basic skills of handling wires.

Required Tools and Materials:

A Roll of 16 Gauge Wire (Screen) with 1/2 x 1/2 inch squares.

Measuring Tools and a Wire Cutter

Step-by-step procedure in building your rabbit transport cage:

Measuring the Wires

Use a flat table to unroll the wire-screen. Depending on the size of your pet, you have to determine the measurement that it needs for a comfortable space. On this example, we are going to build a 40 x 40 inch (40 inch width and 40 inch height) transport cage.
After determining the appropriate size of the cage that you would like to build, you may now start cutting your wire-screen. As for our example, you will need to cut one section of 160 inch x 40 inch and a two sections of 40 inch x 40 inch. You will be needing a wire cutter to do this task.


Take the first section that you had cut (160 inch x 40 inch) and mark the length with a division of 40 inches. These marks will be used as your reference for bending the wire to form the corners.

Forming the Square

You may need to ask an assistance from a companion to help you bend the screen. First is to bend the last two 40 inches at the end then the middle portion to form a square. Connect the ends of the square by using a wire ring connectors or any other connecting materials that you may prefer to use. You just have to make sure that the ends are tightly fastened that your pet cannot easily break it.
Back and Front Section

Take one of the 40 x 40 inch section of the screen that you have recently cut then lay it on one of the opening of the cage. Just like what you did fastening the end of the square, secure the four edges with connectors. When its done, flip the cage facing up and lay the other 40 x 40 inch section. This time you are just going to clip just one of the edge and leave the other edges free.
Finally, clean or trim all sharp and protruding edges to avoid any injury that could hurt either you or your pet. Now take your rabbit and put it inside your newly made transport cage and attach a trigger snap at each free side of the cage.

Congratulations! you are now ready to transport your rabbit.