The Average Life Span Expectancy of a Rabbit

To tell you directly the average life span or expectancy of a rabbit, it falls around 6 to 15 years of age in which actually depends on some various factors. Thus, if you are thinking of owning a rabbit pet then you have to think it over seriously since it requires at lot of commitment including some financial cost. If you are one of the few who has the fashion and determination to own a bunny pet then let's discuss on this post about how to let them achieve their highest age of life expectancy.

The most important part that you really have to know is on how you properly care for your pet because proper caring is the key to prolonging your pet's life expectancy into the fullest. Without proper care, your pet will be vulnerable against illness and disease which could later cause them to die at a young age.

Common Rabbit Breed

Other reason which is unrelated to caring is their type of breed. Common breeds could reach a lifespan of 5 to 8 years of age. The Lion Heads can live from 5 to 13 years of age and the Netherlands Dwarf could reach 15 years of age. And based on experience, rabbits that grows at a large size tends to have a shorter lifespan as compared to the smaller sized rabbits.

Indoor and Outdoor Rabbits

If you are keeping your rabbit inside your house then it only shows how greatly you care about your pet. As your reward, rabbits that are kept indoors often reaches their highest peak of lifespan than those that are kept outside. The reason is that, your pet can easily interact with you or any other family members around the house. This makes your pet's health frequently checked and monitored for any possible health risk problems.

Rabbits kept outside are sad to say that they have shorter lifespan. Keeping your rabbit outdoors only allows you to spend very little time on your pet that you are most likely to miss checking some health problems. At some point, some health problems that aren't treated right away could seriously in-danger your pet.

The Result of Aging

As your rabbit gets older, you are given more responsibility on taking care of your pet. You will most likely notice a sign of arthritis in which your pet will have the difficulty of hopping around. If you are able to notice such symptom, immediately ask for an assistance from a professional Veterinarian for any available medication. You will also need to provide a soft and comfy cloth for your pet to lie down.

Another problem of aging is grooming. Old rabbits tends to have trouble cleaning themselves so you really have no choice but to help. First is to help your old rabbit remove its excess fur which prevents hairballs. It is important for you to know that hairballs can cause a serious health problem to your little friend since this can cause blockage into its digestive track.

Second is to clean your old pet's backend. This will require a little trick but when you are doing it for the first time then it is suggested that you ask help from a companion. Your companion will simply hold your pet and you will do the cleaning. There are some Rabbit Shampoo products that you can buy at the pet supply store which is recommended for you to use in the process of cleaning your pet's backend. After washing, dry your rabbit's backend with an old clean cloth or you can also use a dryer. Just make sure that you set your dryer at the right amount of temperature or you will cause your pet to struggle out from your hands.

Third is to trim your pet's nails. You should also check if there are any sores on its feet.

Finally, any discomfort that you might observe from your rabbit needs immediate attention. It is advised that you are to bring your pet into a professional Veterinarian for medical check-up. Early prevention is what keeps your pet away from any serious health problems.

If you are to follow all suggestions on this post then you can provide your pet the longest lifespan of expectancy.