How to Clean your Bunny's Ears?

Ears are the most important and vital part of a bunny since it serves them a lot of purposes especially for survival. Rabbits in the wild often relies on their ears for any predators approaching miles away from them. This will allow them to hide themselves or run away before they are to be seen or caught. At some point, their ears also serves as their personal air-conditioning unit. Thus, without their reliable ears they won't be able to survive into this world.

As a bunny pet owner, it is important for you to include cleaning your rabbit's ear on your regular grooming routine. On this post, we are to discuss the proper way of cleaning your bunny's ear.

Rabbit Ear

Handling your Rabbit

At first, it is important to have a closer relationship with your bunny which requires constant interaction. Regular handling with your pet will gain you the trust that your bunny will no longer struggle when you are to carry it up and hold with your both hands.

To clean your bunny's ear, gently open its ear. If your pet will pull it off away then simply let it go and try it again more gently. You have to know that it's a natural instinct that a rabbit won't let their ears get touch but by doing it regularly, your pet will get used to it and will let you touch for a longer period of time good enough for grooming.

Checking the Ears

It is advised that you thoroughly inspect the entire ear of your bunny checking for dirt, scabs, wax buildup and anything unusual. You also have to smell the ear specifically near the opening canal for any foul odor. If such disgusting odor exists then you should consult your veterinarian right away to examine your pet's ears.

You should also check not only the inside part of your bunny's ear but also the furred part. Use your fingers to feel any wounds from scratches. If you felt something then it means that your rabbit's ear is causing some irritation. Again, a visit into your veterinarian is suggested.

Cleaning Process

To clean your rabbit's ear, you may need to prepare a few things that are needed. You will simply be needing a cotton ball and an antiseptic solution such as a Rubbing Alcohol. To start, dip the cotton ball into the antiseptic solution then squeeze it with your fingers. This is to dampen the cotton ball which is just right for cleaning your rabbit's ear.

Gently apply the cotton ball into the visible inner area of your bunny's ear and it has to be done by using long strokes away from the ear canal. It is important not to shove dirt or anything else into the ear canal and don't even attempt to clean the ear canal. Simply limit the cleaning process at the visible portion only.

Fur at the Back of the Ears

Most bunnies have thin furs at the back of their ears (outer portion) which doesn't requires brushing or combing. You have to know that a rabbit's skin is too tender and delicate especially the ear. Thus, if there's a dirt that needs to be cleaned then you have to use a clean cloth dampened with water. Gently apply the dampened cloth and wipe out the dirt. Everything must be done on a gently manner.

One of the most common problems with regards into your bunny's ears are the 'Ear Mites'. These are parasites which are often the cause of most rabbit's ear infection. If such parasites has infested the internal part of your bunny's ears, you will notice scabs and unpleasant odor coming out from it's ear. If left untreated, your pet will ultimately lose its sense of balance. It is highly advised that you are to take you bunny into a vet to seek for treatment.