Rabbits - Best Pet to Keep Inside your Homes

Rabbits are one of the best pet that can be either kept inside or outside your house. For those who seriously love their bunnies, keeping them indoors do have great benefit. This is because according to the experts, those rabbits kept within the home tend to have a longer period of life-span. If you do, it is estimated that the life expectancy of your pet goes from 10 to 16 years.

With that range of life expectancy for a rabbit pet, it is very important that you have the full commitment in owning this kind of adorable pet. You have to know that taking good care of rabbit/s is not an easy task. They actually need so much care just the way how you treat your dog, cat or any other pets that you own.

Rabbit House Pet

For those who stays or live on apartments, owning a rabbit is just the perfect pet for you. It’s because they are the type of animals that stays silent unlike dogs that suddenly barks or cats that roams around the kitchen during the night.

Speaking about their characteristic of being a silent type of an animal, it doesn't mean that they don’t want to be disturbed. It’s actually their nature to be scared to almost anyone bigger than their own size which can only be tamed by interacting with your pet at most often times. So its best suggested that you are to give your pet some time to play with.

The Worst Day of a Rabbit’s Life

Easter holiday is represented by rabbits wherein parents tend to give them as presents for their children. What most actually doesn't know is that this particular holiday is the worst day for these animals.


When they are given as presents to an incompetent care-taker or owner, they end up giving up on their pet wherein they are either sent back or tossed out of the house thinking that they can survive on their own at the jungle. The first option is more favorable than the second since domesticated bunnies doesn't know how to survive on their own in the wilderness of the jungle.

Therefore, before you even intend to have a rabbit as your pet make sure that you are ready to take the full responsibility as the owner. If you are giving it away as present to somebody whom you know, make sure that he or she is willing to own it as his or her pet.