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On this page are all possible methods of trying to contact me. There are actually several methods but the best way would be through sending them into this email:

Other than my email, the comment form is currently enabled. However, there are few rules that need to be followed when commenting on a certain topic. First, your comment must be related to the topic being discussed. Second, you are not allowed to advertise product or services. And third, do not spam. Anyone who violates these rules will get their comment deleted as I check every comment before they are to be published.

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These are the two most popular social networking sites which can be a good method to establish contact with me but sad to say that I don’t spend too much time on these type of communities. Thus, the two previous methods are best suggested.

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There might be some other form of good services to contact me but currently, I suggest the ‘email’ method for your private concern while the ‘comment form’ for discussing related topics.