Build A Rabbit Hutch With PVC Support Frame

It is actually a lot much easier to build a rabbit hutch using PVCs as support frame as compared to woods. Though, it will cost you more but the output of your work will be of good quality and design. If you really want to build a sturdy rabbit hutch then I do suggest using metal pipes instead of PVCs.

What is a PVC pipe?

PVC stands of Poly Vinyl Chloride and it is commonly used for plumbing, electrical cable insulation and many other applications replacing the use of rubbers.

Green PVC Pipe

So let's start.

1. The Prepare All Tools And Materials Required


- PVC pipes

- PVC fittings

- PVC cement

- Wire mesh

- Metal roofing

- Hinge (2)

- Screws



- Pliers

- Cutter

- Hacksaw

- Rivet gun

- Power drill

2. Cut Your PVC Pipes

You can make some adjustment on the measurements that I used on this guide which depends on the size of the rabbit hutch that you intend to build.

This PVC rabbit hutch design offers your pet a size of 4 ft length x 2 ft width x 3 ft high.

The first step is to cut the following pieces and sizes of PVC pipes;

- Four pieces of 2 ft length PVC pipes.

- Four pieces of 30 inches PVC pipes.

- Four pieces of 4 ft length PVC pipes.

- Four pieces of 6 inches PVC pipes.

3. Assembling The Frames

Take the four pieces of the 2 ft and 30 inches PVC pipes that you cut and assemble two pairs square frame. Use three-way fittings on the two ends which will be the top and four-way fittings on the other two sides which will be the bottom (Make sure to apply PVC cements on the fittings before fitting them together). Refer on the figure below:

Rabbit Hutch Width Frame

These frames will serve as the two sides of the rabbit hutch.

Once you are done, cut a wire-mesh with the size of the frame above. You will need two for the two frames. I find it best to use rivets because it can tightly hold the wire-mesh.

When it's done, connect the four pieces of 6 inches pipes at the free socket of the four-way fittings. It should look like the figure below:

Rabbit Hutch Foot Support

Finally, take the four pieces of the remaining PVC pipes (4 ft length) and connect them horizontally to the remaining open-socket of the pipe-fittings. And just like what you did from the side-frames, cut and cover both the front and back sides of the rabbit hutch.

4. Flooring

It's actually best to use a board of wood for the flooring rather than a wire-mesh because this can hurt their feet. So cut a piece of wooden board that will perfectly fit on the floor.

5. Opening And The Roof Top

The rooftop will be the opening of the rabbit hutch. It's where you can grab your pet out or give them something to eat.

Cut two pieces of 4 ft length PVC pipes and another two pieces of 2 ft length PVC pipes.

Assemble a 4 ft by 2 ft rectangular frame by using an elbow type of coupling.

Take your metal-sheet roofing and cut the same size as the rectangular frame above. When it's done, place the metal-sheet on top of the PVC rectangular frame to be riveted. Use a power drill with an appropriate size of drill-bit for the rivets.

Assuming that you are done, install the two pieces of hinges at the back side of the hutch which are connected to the roof-top and you are done.

PVC Rabbit Hutch

Moreover, I know that there's a lot more improvement into this design so feel free to make the necessary changes.

Have you already built your own rabbit hutch with PVC frame support such as the design discussed on this post? Tell us about it on the Comment Form provided below.