Rabbit Hutch Building Materials

One of the first basic step on building a rabbit hutch is to collect or purchase the materials that are needed for the construction. The materials that you need actually depends on what kind of rabbit hutch that you are going to build. On this post, we will discuss the building materials for a standard wooden rabbit hutch.

So what are these building materials?

1. Lumber

Lumber is used for constructing the frame of your rabbit hutch. It provides the main support fortifying the hutch to be more sturdy ensuring that it will stand through various extreme weather conditions.

When buying lumber, they do come in different sizes such as the 2 x 2 inches and the 2 x 4 inches. If you are building a large outdoor rabbit hutch, it is best recommended to use the 2 x 4 inches lumber size.


It is also important to buy hard type of lumber. I know that they can be hard to cut with a saw or embed nails but such kind of lumber is the best for constructing a rabbit hutch.

2. Plywood


A plywood is used for covering the back portion of the rabbit hutch which serves as the wall. It can also be used as a flooring (or roofing if the hutch you are going make is to be kept inside a certain shelter). I do recommend buying those plywood with thickness of around 2 to 3 inches.

3. Wire Mesh or Screen

You will be needing some wire mesh to be used as a covering for the front and sides of the hutch. Handle it carefully because the edges can be sharp enough to cut or penetrate through your skin.

wire mesh

Wire mesh comes in many different forms which can be made out of metal or plastic materials. I do not recommend using wire mesh made out of plastic because your rabbit can easily rip its way out with its sharp teeth. As for metallic wire meshes, they do rust through time but this can be prevented by applying the right coating-paint.

4. Roofing Material

Roofing is required for outdoor rabbit hutch but if you intend on keeping your hutch inside another shelter such as an empty garage then roofing will be just optional.

To make the hutch last longer, it is best to choose a roofing material made of metal.

5. Drop Tray

You can simply buy a ready-made drop tray. It is actually mandatory to have a drop tray beneath a rabbit hutch as it makes cleaning a lot much easier.

Are there any building materials that I had missed? If you think there are, then add it on the Comment Form provided below.