Rabbit Litter Training - 10 Tips to Train your Pet

It might be frustrating for you to see your pet littering all over its hutch or inside your house if you are keeping it indoors. Thus, here are the 10 simple rabbit litter training tips that you can do to teach your pet:

1. Confining your Rabbit near its Littering Tray

The first step in training your rabbit is to make it familiar on the specific area where it needs to litter. If you are keeping your pet inside your house then you have to find an accessible room for your pet. Look for a corner where you can place the litter tray then confine your rabbit in that room. You have to be patient as it may take time for your rabbit to learn.

Teaching your rabbit to litter inside its own outdoor hutch is basically the same thing.

2. Use Non-Clumping Type of Litter

Fill the littering tray with non-clumping type of litters at least half-full. You have to know that it is important to use non-clumping as the clumping type can cause serious injury into your pet's gut when ingested.

3. Choosing the Right Litter Tray

Its best to choose a litter tray that has high sides and low front. This is to prevent your rabbit from trying to pee on the side. Other than that, it will also encourage your pet to use the litter tray.

4. Age Matters in Training your Rabbit

Some rabbits are quick-learners while others does take time to be trained. According to an expert rabbit breeder, young rabbits are a lot harder to be trained than the adults. So you need to be patient when you still have a young rabbit as pet.

5. Use the same Litter Tray at All Times

It is important that you have to use the same littering tray at all times. If at some point that you need two then you have to buy two identical trays. The purpose is to let your pet familiarize with it.

6. Sample your Rabbit

To provide a sample for your rabbit, collect a few of its feces then put them into the litter tray. This will let your pet know where its waste products needs to go.

7. Maintenance

At some point, your rabbit will still make a few mess around your house or on its own hutch. It is important that you have to clean them with lukewarm water with a mixture of some biological washing powder. Do not use bleach or any similar cleaning solution that contains ammonia because they provide a scent similar to that of the rabbit's urine. If this is the case then it will only reinforce your pet to keep on littering on that area.

The litter tray must also be washed with warm water then disinfect it with anti-bacterial pet spray. Before you put it back into the corner, you have to dry it first by exposing the tray under the sun.

8. A Quiet and Peaceful Place

You won't be able to train your rabbit if you are keeping it at a noisy polluted area. It is best recommended to find a quiet and peaceful place to situate your rabbit hutch. If you are keeping your pet inside the house then there must be a room that is not affected by too much noises generated by any of the family members.

Relaxing Rabbit

9. Patience is the Key to Success

Training your rabbit will take time so you need to have enough patience in teaching your pet. Actually, most rabbit owners don't find training their pet to be much of a challenge.

10. Keep Trying and Never Give Up

If you are unfortunate enough to have a rabbit that is too hard to train then you have to keep trying and never give up. Otherwise, your pet might be suffering some health problems such as bladder infections and dental issues. Any health problems being experienced by your pet can hinder its capability to learn. If this is the case then it is highly advised that you have to bring your pet to a vet for check-up.

With these 10 rabbit litter training tips, you will find yourself saving some of your time in trying to clean your pet's environment.