Working Area To Build A Rabbit Hutch


A good working area to build a rabbit hutch is another important factor. Can you just imagine yourself working at a very constricted area?

You have to know that working at a very constricted area could result into accidents. This is the reason why you need to find an area that is good enough to setup all your materials and to construct a rabbit hutch.

Some Good Places To Construct Your Rabbit Hutch

Outside or In your Empty Backyard


A backyard do often have a wide space available. The reason why I do enjoy working outside is being able to breathe fresh air. However, there are several dangers when working outdoors. One of this danger is when there are children playing around. What if one of them went into your working area unnoticed then grab something such as your cutting tool?

Another reason why working outdoor is not a good idea is your weather condition. What if after setting all your materials then suddenly the rain started to fall?

Anyway, such incidents can be avoided provided that you know what you are going to do to prevent them.

Old Garage or Storage Room


An old garage and storage room with enough extra space is my suggested working area. It is because they do provide shelter allowing you to work even during extreme weather condition. Locking your garage or storage room also ensures that nobody will get inside to mess with your work without your consent.

Abandoned Places

abandoned place

If there are some abandoned places around such as an old school or terminal that is no longer being used, then they are good working area to build a rabbit hutch. But before you start, you might need to ask some permission to the land owner or care taker if you can work on your project in their property.

Those are just a few places to work on building your own rabbit hutch. If you are curious to ask about my working station, I do have my own Carpentry Shop for all of my wood working activities.