Extra Large Size Pet Cages


Why size matter in building or buying a rabbit hutch/cage?

Size does matter and it is important to consider when you intend to build a hutch or buy it from the market. The reason why it has to be large or extra large is for your pet to freely move around the corners. Other than this, here are the following lists of reasons about why;

1. Your pet becomes bored

Due to the lack of space, your rabbit/s will be bored wherein it will simply sleep all day long and only awakes when it’s hungry. Anyway, if you are spending too much time with your pet by taking it out of its cage to play regularly then it will be fine but in most cases not all pet owner does.

2. Less Exercise

Since your rabbit lack some movement on its/their constricted space, this result in less physical exercise. This may also lead into obesity but not unless when you are taking it/them off out of the cage to play with regularly.

3. Unhealthy Environment

Less space could also result into an unhealthy environment for your beloved pet/s. It’s because small spaces can easily be fouled with urine and feces.

Double Decker Rabbit Hutch

The most highly recommended type of rabbit hutch is the Double Decker wherein some may call it 2 story or two leveled floors. These types of designs offer practical and flexible shelter for your pet with several good features. If you intend to buy a ready-made hutch then the following are the things that you have to consider;

1. The size of the cage

It has already been discussed above why you need to choose the largest size of hutch that you can afford to buy. By owning large sized hutch, you will be able to avoid those negative outcomes.

2. Weather protection

There are three weather conditions that could put your pet at risk. These are extreme-heat, cold and dampness. Thus you have to choose hutches with waterproof coverings and a well-crafted nest box. Apart from the waterproof coverings and nest-box, good ventilation is of vital importance since trapped hot-air could kill your pet and you do not want that to happen.

3. Bottom floor

The bottom floor of the hutch should be made out of metal mesh wherein your rabbit’s waste could easily fall through making the cleaning process an easy task. But ensure that there is also some portion of the floor made of solid foundation. This is to avoid your rabbit’s foot from developing sore hocks which could lead into possible infections. According to the experts, a treated wood floor that doesn't moist is highly suggested.

Rabbit Hutch Floor

4. A ramp that leads into the upper level

Since your rabbits also need some physical exercise, it is best to choose a Double Decker type of hutch that has a ramp that goes into the upper floor. You can help them familiarize their new home by placing their food at the top level when they are at the bottom level or vice-versa.