How To Build Your Own Rabbit Hutch?


This post serves as an introduction of this blog, ‘How to Build A Rabbit Hutch’. It is highly suggested that you have to read the content of this post before browsing on the other topics as you will get to learn all that are needed for the preparation of constructing your very own Rabbit Hutch.

How many bunnies do you have?

The first thing that you have to consider when designing a rabbit hutch is the number of your pets. If you only have one or two bunnies then building a suitable size of hutch for them is not too difficult to make. Other than the number of pets that you have, your design should fit a good spot wherein it can either be inside or outside the house.

Tools and Materials

Our objective would be to build a rabbit hutch at the cheapest possible cost. Actually, you might not even spend any amount of cash since we will be using recycled materials. Thus, the first step that you have to do is to search for these construction materials. You may also ask your friendly neighbors if you don’t have enough recycled materials to use.

The tools to be used are hammer, saw and nails. Take note that you must have the skill in handling these tools or you might end up hammering your fingers or might accidentally cut by the sharp saw. Today, these basic tools had evolve through our technological advancement wherein nailing a piece of wood is just a matter of pressing a button. Regardless of how easy they are to be handled, safety precaution must always be observed.

Working Area

Search for an area to work with your project where you must have enough space to construct your rabbit hutch and to lay all the materials that are needed to be used. If you intend to work on an area without a roof-top, you need to check the weather-condition if it permits.

Wood Working Area

As a part of your working area, a workbench or table is needed. If you do not have one then you may want to build your own workbench first as it is importantly needed.

Buying the Materials that you do not have

Somehow you will end up lacking some materials where you have to resort in buying them from the shop. In most cases, you will be buying wire mesh or screen, woods and nails.

The Design

You can simply copy any of the designs shared on this blog or you may create your own. Doing it is simply a matter of sketching a layout of the hutch that you would like to build. As an important suggestion, always make your hutch 4 ft off the ground and consider the situation when it rains. This can be done by covering a small corner of the hutch for your rabbits to huddle. Another part to consider is on how you can easily clean the hutch which can be done by making the bottom a wire mesh.

Having a good design on how to build a rabbit hutch is not actually good enough. The most important aspect of the design should be put all to the cover-design. It's because this offers the best safety and comfort for your pet having always a peace of mind that no one can harm them.


Now that you have completed your design, it’s time to cut the woods depending on the dimensions of your own design. After the tedious work of cutting the woods, you have to assemble the frames then followed by the vertical supports and cross bracing. Take note that this part of the job requires a lot of hammering nails. For safety, do not leave any heads or tips of the nails protruding on either inside or outside part of the cage.

The next step is to attach the wire mesh. Attaching it into the hutch requires proper stapling wherein you have to make sure that the wire ends are not exposed.

Finally, attach the door by properly screwing its hinges and latch.


You may want to build a small ramp for your rabbit/s to have some fun in trying to go up and down provided that you have built a rabbit hutch with two levels.