Stilt House Rabbit Hutch by Advantek - Free Shipping

If you have two to three rabbit pets and you want to buy a ready-made rabbit hutch from the market then you should consider Avantek's 'The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch'. What makes this product quite interesting are due to these four following criteria:

1. The materials used on this rabbit hutch are lightweight which means that you can carry it (with a partner) and situate it at any desired location. Having a lightweight rabbit hutch comes pretty useful especially during the time when there's a bad weather condition from the outside. Simply lift and carry your pet's hutch and temporarily place it in your garage.

2. Apart from the lightweight materials that has been used, the materials are also resistant against insects such as termites and ants. Beside from the insect, it is also resistant to rot.

3. Cleaning the waste generated by your rabbits will be an easy task for you to do because there's a tray that catches them all from the bottom part of the hatch's house. Simply pull out the tray and clean it with less effort.

4. On the image shown below, you can see that the hutch has an access to the ground floor to the outside area. This allows your pet to play around with the environment.

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Review Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

I bought 'Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch' on Amazon because of its features that it can contain two to three rabbits. I actually have two new additional rabbits where I am in need of a hutch to put them in. Of course I can build a hutch for them but I no longer have the time to do that.

Since the manufacturer offers free shipment of the product, I thought that it will take over a month to be received but its not. The hutch arrive in just five days without any damages either to the box and its contents.

The most challenging part is setting-up or assembling the hutch. Instructions were provided mostly in the form of pictures to guide you on every steps. For those people who have carpentry skill or those who already have an experience building their own rabbit hutch before, assembling the hutch is no challenge at all. I really don't know for those who don't but I am pretty sure that anybody can do it with ease.

After I finished assembling my rabbit hutch, I find it to be well secured. There is no problem about worrying my pets from being able to get out. Putting-in my two rabbits seems to make them happy inside their new home wherein they enjoy running up and down on the ramp.

The time that I bought this product from Amazon, it cost me an affordable price of $142.99 where I saved $48.00 from its original price of $190.99 because of my 25% discount. Take note that the price of this item might change in the future where its best to check Amazon for its latest updated price.