Advantek The Penthouse Rabbit Hutch - Auburn

In the previous post, I have introduced the 'Stilt House Rabbit Hutch' which is another amazing rabbit hutch product by Advantek. Now on this post, I would like to introduce to you another of their own product with different design. They call it 'The Penthouse Rabbit Hutch - Auburn'.

Currently, the price of this rabbit hutch is at $75.33 on Amazon and it will be shipped right into your address for free. The Listing price was actually at $87.99 where you get to save $12.66 (or 14% discount) when you are going to purchase this item today. Take note that these prices is only valid from the time of this post wherein the prices might go up or down somewhere in the future.

So what are the features?

1. Designed for Housing at least Two Rabbits

If you have one or two rabbits then this rabbit hutch will be perfect for them. There is enough room for your pet to roam and play with one another.

2. Pull-Out Tray for Easy Cleaning

Cleaning the hutch is an easy task because of the hutch's pull-out tray. Simply pull-out the tray then clean all the wastes that has been collected.

3. Access Door to the Nesting Area

There's a door that you can open from the nesting area of the hutch which allows you to take your rabbits out.

4. The Materials Used are Resistant against Insects and Rot

Unlike any of the traditional or customized rabbit hutches around, the material used on this product are insect and rot resistant. Apart from being resistant to such damages, it is also lightweight that you can carry it around to situate it at any desired location.

For further details about 'Advantek The Penthouse Rabbit Hutch - Auburn', please check it out on Amazon.

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Advantek The Penthouse Rabbit Hutch (Auburn) Review

This is another carefully and well-designed Rabbit Hutch by Advantek where I bought it to house one of my big-sized rabbit pet. I think its only good for one rabbit if you have a large pet like mine but for those who owns small to medium size then you can keep two of them inside the hutch.

Setting-up the hutch is completely no challenge at all on my part perhaps due to my knowledge and skills in building rabbit hutches.

The first thing that impresses me about this hutch are the hinges and locks. Everything is perfectly and tightly locked ensuring that my pet inside won't be able to break out. The lid will stay open but not unless you are going to apply some slight physical push to close it easily.

Just like what has been mentioned on the features of the product above, cleaning the droppings is an easy task where all I have to do is to remove the tray to be cleaned.

Overall, its another good rabbit hutch for keeping your pets.