Tools Needed For Building A Rabbit Hutch

In order for you to be able to build a perfect rabbit hutch, you need tools that can help you out cut and tighten things out.

So what are these tools that you need?

1. Hammer or Nail Gun

There are many different types of hammer but I do advise you to use the standard type which is known as the "Claw Hammer". It's called Claw hammer because of the curved part at the opposite side of the hammer's head which is used for drawing or pulling out nails.

Take note that using a hammer can cause serious injury where in most incidents, individuals often hit their fingers that holds the nail. Thus, it is best advised to use a hammer only if you know how to handle it pretty well.

claw hammer

An alternative tool to a hammer is the "Nail Gun". Actually, it has already replaced hammer in many ways. Using it is far too easy, all you have to do is to point the barrel into the spot that needs to be nailed. And with proper alignment, pull the trigger and the nail will be driven with less effort from your part.

2. Hand Saw

Just like hammers, hand saws do have different types which serve different specific purposes. Check Wikipedia for the list of these saws and for their specific uses:

hand saw

Regardless of their differences, saws do have only one purpose which is to cut. On this case, you will be needing a hand saw for cutting woods.

3. Wire Cutter and Gloves

You will be needing a wire cutter for cutting the wire mesh.

wire cutter

It is important that you have to wear gloves because any sharp protruding wires can accidentally scratch or penetrate your hands.

4. Metal File

A metal file is used to flatten any metallic rough or sharp surfaces and edges.

Look for any sharp metallic surfaces and apply the metal file. This is to ensure that either you or your rabbit pet won't get accidentally hurt from them.

5. Measuring Tape

Always use a measuring tape when cutting a certain specific length of the material that you are going to use.

measuring tape

6. Pencil

Use a pencil for marking the edge of the material that needs to be cut or something that needs some adjustment.

ordinary pencil

7. Screw Driver

Most experts claim that screws hold better than the nails. Thus, you should use screws on the part of the hutch that provides support.

And of course, the tool for screwing a screw in is called the "Screw Driver".

screw driver

There might be some other tools that I had missed here so if you have something in mind that you would like to add, then please use the Comment Form provided below.