Extra Large Rabbit Hutch with Attic by TRIXIE Pet Products

TRIXIE Pet Products introduces their 'Extra Large Rabbit Hutch with Attic' that has been designed suitably for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets and etc... This rabbit hutch features a two-story level where your pet can either go at the upper or lower level. It has a non-slip ramp in which your pet can use to roam inside, outside, upstairs and downstairs. You also have the option to restrict the access between the two floor levels.

What makes this rabbit hutch quite interesting is its attic with removable floor. The attic can be used for storage or additional insulation. At the back is a wooden panel which offers an added protection against elements.

Cleaning the hutch has never been so easy because of the pull-out tray that automatically collects all wastes and dirt.

Features of Rabbit Hutch with Attic (XL) by TRIXIE Pet Productions

  • Upper and lower floor levels
  • Removable floor of the attic
  • Non-slip ramp (access between levels can be restricted)
  • Hinged rook with locking arms can be opened on each side
  • Two pull-out plastic trays for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Solid Wood construction
  • Glazed pine finish
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Dimension: 53 x 44 x 45 Inches
  • Weight: 111 pounds
  • Color: Glazed pine

  • Reviews for Rabbit Hutch with Attic

    'Well and Good Design' - Antonio Nicolaida

    I made a few researches about this rabbit hutch before purchasing it via online. The reason why I purchased this kind of rabbit hutch is because of its interior design, space and simply the way how it looked. Shipment has no problem because it arrived on time and the package was in perfect condition. It took me around three hours to completely assemble it. After putting in my pets inside, they feel so comfortable with their new home running up and down from the two level floors.

    'Perfect as an Indoor Rabbit Hutch' - Steven Jones

    We are very satisfied with the purchased of this rabbit hutch because it perfectly fits inside our house. It really has an amazing design that goes along with the other furniture inside our home. Our rabbit also felt a lot more comfortable inside the hutch even though that we keep the door open just in case if he wants get out. Since it's a large hutch just for one rabbit, we are planning of getting another rabbit pet as his companion.

    'Great Hutch with Plenty of Access Doors' - Jonathan Mayaoyao

    What I like most about this rabbit hutch is that it has a lot of access doors. It can be accessed at both sides and at the top which has been secured by hinges that lock it in place. When a rabbit is breeding, it's easy to separate her by restricting the access between the two floors. Moreover, setting up the hutch took me around 1 to 2 hours and that was without any help from anybody else.

    For more information about Rabbit Hutch with Attic, visit this link http://amzn.to/1iyc5YY